Nothing to Wine About

It may seem like the dream part of any restauranteurs job…the compilation of the wine menu.  Well, yes and no…

Research inevitably includes trips to many a wine estate, private tours and tastings with many a winemaker, visits to trade shows and of course the inevitable chore of having to try and then finish off a wide selection of wines  in order to ensure the final selection is just right.  As true as that might be, the final act of making the selection is actually one that demands an immense amount of time and thought and undivided attention if it is to be as diverse and unique as the guests for whom it will cater.

As with all of Simon’s wine menus, the latest which has been up and running for a month or so now, was a complete labour of love.  A few old favourites, like the Iona Sauvignon Blanc and the Kevin Arnold Shiraz, have found their way back, needing no introduction they simply sell themselves.  Interesting newcomers include  the Vondeling Sauvignon Blanc, the La Vierge Jezebelle Chardonnay and the Stellekaya Hercules.

With a beautiful magazine style layout the new menu is a pleasure to read and worth spending some time on. A “specials” wine menu, which will change on a more regular basis, features a small selection of some of South Africa’s best wines, as well as Simon’s two very own blends.  As 2017 draws to close and we celebrate the year that was now is the perfect time to spoil yourself, raise a glass and toast the future with some of these liquid beauties.