The Fat Fish is doing the Poke Poke in George!

Exciting times at The Fat Fish in George as we switch things up a bit for summer.  Welcome to the world of Poke, available as of this Friday, the 18th October, at the Fat Fish in George.

Vibrant and delicious these super Instagram-able dishes are packed with the freshest of ingredients and rice – a sushi remix if you like!  One can say that because essentially, it takes many of sushi’s beloved ingredients and combines them into one delicious meal.

Poke bowls started to emerge around the 1970s when Hawaiian fishermen would season the cut-offs from their daily catch (Pohkay) whilst they sat on their boats, and eat them.  The word Poke (pronounced “poke-ay”) gets its name from the food prep, meaning “to slice or cut” in Hawaiian.

They can be as simple or as adventurous as you like with only one rule in place – the basic ingredients must be of the highest quality and the freshest available.

A staple on its native Pacific island, Poke bowls have been trending worldwide largely due to their incredible versatility and healthy attributes

The Hawaiian’s however, are apparently more than a little put out by its overnight international stardom in the culinary world.  We beg their forgiveness and hope our Fat Fish selection will do them proud.

The Fat Fish George Poke Menu – Available as of Friday, the 18th October 2019

*Please note Sushi is no longer available at The Fat Fish in George.  Apologies for any inconvenience caused.